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Sat.Suma Digital Gift Card

Sat.Suma Digital Gift Card

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Unsure about what to gift your loved ones? Our Digital Gift Card is a perfect option! Let your loved one choose from our range of sustainable skincare products that are perfect for self-care and mama earth, no matter the occasion!


Instructions for Use

When you purchase a gift card, a unique code will be sent via email along with instructions on redeeming the gift card. 

When making a purchase in our web store,  your loved one can redeem the value of their gift card by entering its unique code in the appropriate field at checkout.

There are no additional processing fees involved and the recipient of the card can redeem the gift card in part or fully. In case there is any balance remaining in the gift card, they are welcome too redeem it later. 


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Sustainable Choices

At Sat.Suma, we put mother Earth first. We choose ingredients based not only on how well they do in our products but also on their impact on the environment.

Our products are thoughtfully packaged using minimal materials that can easily be reused or recycled. We use no plastics in our packaging!