• At Sat.Suma, we believe in living Consciously

  • We mindfully create clean, zero-waste products in small batches keeping you and the environment in mind.

    We are dedicated to sustainability and prioritise using local, clean and natural ingredients that are palm-free. Our packing materials are 100% plastic-free and all our product packaging has been carefully chosen ensuring that they can either be repurposed, recycled or are biodegradable.

    We strive to produce products that are inspired by the magic of Mother Earth and are not only good for your skin but also for the world we live in.

Essence of the Earth

Our goal is to provide everyone with accessible, affordable, clean skin-care products while helping them take a step closer to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Story behind the name

While Satsuma is commonly known to be a citrus fruit, our version of Sat•Suma finds its roots in Sanskrit. ‘Sat’ translates to the true essence of something while ‘Suma’ means flowers. We thought that it made for a lovely portmanteau while also going hand in hand with the values of our brand.

The journey so far

Hello! I’m Naina Panemanglor, the founder and maker at Sat•Suma

I started Sat•Suma out of my home, in August 2020 while trying to navigate my way through the Covid-19 Lockdown.

As a family, we've been working towards living a more sustainable life for a few years now and through the lockdown found myself simplifying and trying to simplify our lifestyle even more. Over the years, i’ve been dabbling a little in making plastic-free products like body butters, balms etc. for our family or as gifts. During the lockdown, I found I had a lot of time on my hands. So I decided to learn how to make cold process soaps out of the need to find a safe, eco-friendly soap for our family. After spending a few months researching and reading up about how to do it, I finally dived straight in and made my first batch and there was no looking back from then.

While I initially started this off just as a hobby, and a means to share soap with friends and family, it soon grew into a full blown small business. From working part-time on the business, I soon decided to put my career as a filmmaker on hold to grow the business.

I started Sat.Suma out of the desire to provide everyone with accessible, affordable, clean and honest skin-care products while helping them on their sustainability journey

On our way ahead

Sat.Suma has grown slowly but surely over the last 3 years. From a one woman team for a year, we grew into a 3 woman team. Our team now consists of Pinky, Neha and I.

From making only Cold-Process soaps, we grew into making body butters, deodorants and are still on our way to bringing so many more zero-waste products to our customers.

From using our Kitchen and then converting a room at home into our workspace, we finally decided it was time to move into a bigger space and now are based out of a studio in Baner, Pune. This has proven to be one of the biggest game changers for us as a business. We’ve been able to scale up, work on lots more products, stock our products at retail stores and e-commerce stores, take on bulk and custom orders and grow as a business. And all of this has only been thanks to our wonderful customers.

We vow that, as we grow, our values will remain the same. Sustainability will always remain the focus for this brand, by providing products that are efficient, safe, and have minimal impact on the environment.

  • Naina

    Soap Savant

  • Neha

    Craft Crusader

  • Pinky

    Lather Liason