Essence of the Earth

Hello and welcome to our little natural handmade soap brand, Sat•Suma started by me, Naina out of our home in Pune, India.

Sat•Suma’s journey began during the lockdown in 2020. We’ve been working towards living a more sustainable life for a few years now and through the lockdown found myself simplifying and trying to minimalize our lifestyle even more. And so, I started making cold process soaps out of the need to find a safe, eco-friendly soap for our family. After spending a few months researching and reading up about how to do it, I finally dived straight in and made my first batch and there was no looking back from then.

Story behind the name

While Satsuma is commonly known to be a citrus fruit, our version of Sat•Suma finds its roots in Sanskrit. ‘Sat’ translates to the true essence of something while ‘Suma’ means flowers. We thought that it made for a lovely portmanteau while also going hand in hand with the values of our brand.

Our goal with Sat•Suma is to be an honest, conscious skincare brand that provides its customers with clean yet luxurious skincare products while helping them take one step closer to a more sustainable lifestyle. All our soaps are handcrafted in small batches using only responsibly sourced natural ingredients. These skin-loving oils, butters, herbs and clays are all nourishing and gentle on your skin and safe for the Earth. Our soaps are inspired by the magic of Mother Earth and Handmade with love.

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